Différence(solde de paiement)


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Could anybody please help me? I need the EXACT tranlsation for the following as I am writing a residential tenancy agreement:

20% of the total amount must be paid before Jan 01, 1111.
La différence doit être payée avant Feb 01, 1111.


  • SwissPete

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    :) Welcome to the forum, Adamito.

    Your post confuses me. You have two sentences. Is the second one your translation of the first one?


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    Canada - Quebec (francais)
    The first sentence is the context. The 2nd sentence is the one I need translated

    The answer should be something like
    "The difference between the full amount and the amount paid(20%) must be paid before Feb 01, 1111.

    Désolé pour la confusion, je suis très fatigué!

    Merci pour votre aide