Difference between állomás and megálló

  • 'Állomás' is a station, usually a building with ticket offices and a waiting area.
    'Megálló' is a stop (usu. bus or tram) with a sign on a pole and sometimes a shelter.

    There may be an overlap between the usage of the two, e.g. a metro station is an 'állomás', but people say 'két megálló a Deák tértől' (two stops from Deák square).
    I only want to add that this difference is not a Hungarian "speciality", see e.g. Italian "fermata" (=megálló) and "stazione" (=állomás); the same is valid e.g. in the Slavic languages. I suppose that also in English, there is a difference between "bus stop" and "bus station" ...
    In the field of railway the term állomás refers to a station with at least one point while megálló is only a straight section of one or two rail pairs. A bus station called állomás has more than one stop per direction while megálló only consists of one, double stops included.