Difference between איתך and עמך ־ עימך

Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by Esh, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. Esh New Member

    Hello. First time here. I sometimes feel a bit confused and lost when I have to use these structures.

    Does anybody know the difference between איתך and עימך ?

    Why should I say > אני הולך איתך

    instead of > אני הולך עימך


    I'd appreciate your help.

  2. k8an Senior Member

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    At least in conversational speech and probably 99% of music/television/other uses, איתך is the only form used. To my ear עימך is literary or biblical perhaps, meaning that you do (extremely) occasionally hear it used when people try to sound very formal or as an idiom. I'm not even sure of when specifically to use it.
  3. arielipi Senior Member

    עימך = איתך
    theyre just synonyms.
  4. Esh New Member

    I had this impression but I was not quite sure about it. Many Tks for your help. :)
  5. Esh New Member

    Now I feel more secure about it. It was really helpful - many tks! :)
  6. ystab Senior Member

    Interestingly, in its base form (i.e. no declension), את is obsolete and עם is the word used today.
  7. Esh New Member

    That was something that I really noticed in my hebrew studies but couldn't understand the reason why at all lol Anyway, many tks for your helpul comment, ystab
  8. k8an Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia.
    English - Australian
    I used to always wonder about this. It's bizarre.

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