Difference between assessment and evaluation

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    "Entry level education programs cover areas such as prevention of illnesses and injuries, emergency care, therapeutic exercise, assessment and evaluation of injury illness, "
    I thought assessment and evaluation means same.
    I have difficulty in understanding the difference between them.
    What's the difference between assessment and evaluation?
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    Assessment and Evaluation do mean the same thing in general terms but their meanings are differentiated in professional educational settings (teachers, schools, education authorities, school inspectors, examination boards).

    The usage of these terms also differs somewhat between AE and BE so I will comment on their use in British educational settings and leave the AE to someone else.

    "Assessment" is the process that a teacher/examiner conducts to measure how much a student/candidate has learned. e.g.

    The students will be assessed at the end of the year.
    Assessment is done weekly.

    "Evaluation" is the process used to measure how effective a particular approach or method is to achieve specified ends. eg:

    The students are using computer-based learning this term and the teachers will evaluate its effectiveness at the end of the year.

    We must evaluate the new methods of assessment to ensure that they are valid, reliable, relevant and fair.

    Do, please, look out for the North American usage of these terms as you are likely to find their use quite different; I have seen examples where it appears to be a complete reversal but I don't know how typical that is!
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    1. The exact meaning of these terms may depend on AE/BE differences, depending also of course on context.

    2. The example you give uses the AE phrase[ education programs ] rather than the BE [ education programmes ] so I would assume that the sentence context as a whole is American English.

    3. As the context is also specifically "healthcare/medicine", there may be specific usages in that field which you have to take account of.

    4. It may be that the two terms are being used together to mean the same thing in order to reach the widest audience. Some would call it "assessment" and some would call it "evaluation" so let's mention both!

    Edit: Nun-Translator's explanation below seems far more likely than my point 4. above.
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    This sounds like a medical context. When I was a nurse, assessment and evaluation referred to two distinct activities.

    Assessment is observing and recording various parameters. An overly simple example would be: There is a recent wound in the forearm and the skin around it is hot, red and puffy.

    Evaluation is putting together the information from the assessment and drawing conclusions. In the example I gave, the evaluation would be that the would was probably infected.

    In the medical setting, assessment comes before evaluation and the two are not necessarily done by the same person.
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  6. macospro New Member

    Thanks dudes! Today I knew the exact meaning/definition of Evaluation :)
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    Can I say: Assessment is the first evaluation ? while Evaluation is the last one ?

    At Assessment stage, we screen patients, ask info. ask history..
    At Evaluation stage, we plan what should do to cure ?

    Am I right? I'm still not clear about their difference.

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