difference between bibliography and list of references?

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    I'm writing a dissertation for a law degree, and they want me to include a bibliography AND a list of references. Do you know what is a list of references according to the British writing form?

    Should I include every reference mentionned in the footnotes along my work, in chronological order? I fear my bibliography and my list of references may be redundant.

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    A bibliography usually contains the works that are cited and footnoted. A list of references includes all materials that you used for information for your work.
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    I disagree with tepatria, sorry :) For me, they are almost the same thing, but I think most scholars use Bibliography for a list of sources relevant to the topic that others will find useful for further research (the Bibliography is not always even attached to a paper) whereas they use References or Works Cited for a more restricted list -- limited to those actually quoted in the paper. You do need to reference during the paper and again at the end... because the reader may wish to examine all your sources together, and not have to read through the thesis to sift through and find them. The most common styles in English today are those of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Languages Association (MLA). Look these up and choose one. Or, ask your professor which to use.
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    cheers, but I already have a very complete bibliography that references every source I mentionned in the dissertation, every source I used without quoting it, and some other relevant sources that must be highlighted. That's why I find strange to make another list of references...
    I will ask my teachers as soon as possible.
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    In my experience, bibliography's definition can stretch to describe nearly any list of works or books. Dictionary entries list a variety of definitions, and the WR entry is cannily catholic:


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