Difference between Did you and have you

Discussion in 'English Only' started by hem_dinesh, May 22, 2008.

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    Hello, Please anyone could explain the difference between these two.
    Here is some context for these two
    Did you have lunch?
    Have you had lunch?

    And can we use had in first one.Please clear this one. I would be
    happy if you explain with some more examples.
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    You can find several earlier threads regarding Did you vs Have you by typing "did you" "have you" into the Dictionary look-up box, thus doing the forum search the rules ask us to perform before posting a question. ;)

    Here they are:

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    did you...yet? vs. have you...yet?
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  3. Brioche

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    I know it's be said before, but in BE the difference is:

    Did you have lunch? [at some time in the past]
    The time for having lunch is over, and it is not longer possible to have lunch.

    Have you had lunch?
    The time for having lunch has not yet passed, and it is still possible to have lunch.

    With Have you had lunch? the word yet may be added
    Have you had lunch yet?

    Americans do not observe this rule, and in AE it is common for people to say "Did you have lunch yet?"

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