Difference between discover and find out

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  1. LaseLiep Senior Member

    I don't manage to find the difference between those two terms, so when I need to use one instead of the other.
    Perhaps discover is more for concret, e.g. to discover new places, and find out more abstract, e.g. I find out a new idea for our project.

    In my case, I want to use it like that: I like to discover/find out new artists/musics.

    Thank in advance for your help.
  2. bibliolept

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    In your sentence, "discover" is a perfect fit. "Find" would be suitable, but "find out" is not idiomatic.

    I don't think I could explain the rationale or rules behind this. It's partially a matter of custom.
  3. candy-man

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    I´ve found out that Rebeca has had a serious affair with John.
    I´ve discovered(more personal experience,I guess) some very useful hints in that book.
  4. petereid

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    "I've found out" often refers to something which was not necessarly sought. Also "I've found out" is rarely followed by a noun ...
    I've found out who....
    I've found out why....
    I've found out when....
    Then try putting a noun here:
    I've found out Africa....
    I've found out Plutonium
    I've found out the cure for cancer
    I've found out 25 intergalactic civilizations.
    "Discovered" often involves an active search..
    eg "I discovered..... Africa". I know it's a lie but the grammar's ok
  5. LaseLiep Senior Member

    Thank you all for your answers.
    I'm a little bit confused, I think I probably need to practise now ;)
  6. Rivendell

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    I think you discover something that was concealed for everyone or at least unknown, and you are the first to know: you discover Africa, new talents (hidden for everyone) or the cure for cancer.

    However you find out who stole your book (no one else cares about it) or who went to the cinema with your girl-friend...

    In general you discover things that a lot of people are interested in, and find out things useful to you.

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