difference between freshwater and drinking water

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  1. Schopenhauer Senior Member

    I am looking for the difference between Freshwater and Drinking water.
    In French, when we pump water directly in the ground with a well, we use the term "eau souterraine", In English, do you use "Freshwater" or "Drinking water".
    The term Freshwater is translated as "eau douce" in French, we generally don't use this term for groundwater but forstreams, lakes...
    I don't understand the difference between all these terms
    Please help
  2. Procol Senior Member

    British English
    "Eau souterraine" is "ground water" in English, "drinking water" is specifically "eau potable", "fresh-water" is eau douce when talking about animal life (fresh-water fish for example) and eau fraîche anywhere else.

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