difference between "life" and "lives"

Discussion in 'English Only' started by funnyradion, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. funnyradion Member

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    Hi everybody;
    Could you please distinguish between "life" and "lives"?
    I know that "lives" is a plural form of "life", but how about its meaning?
    One of my teacher told me that we used "lives" to refer to the status of being alive of somebody. Actually, I still get confused.
    For example, many people do this in their daily.....
    What should I choose between "life" and "lives"
  2. Tazzler Senior Member

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    One is singular, one is plural. As far as I can think right now "life" doesn't have a special meaning in the plural.
  3. Sharifa345

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    "Lives" can be the plural of "life," or it can come from the verb "to live" which means the person is alive. The pronunciation is different, but the spelling is the same. So when your teacher said you can use "lives" to refer to someone being alive, that is probably what she meant.

    "He lives" can be the same as "He is alive."

    In your example, "many people do this in their daily life" because each person only has one life. But you could also say "many people do this daily," as "daily life" sounds strange.
  4. funnyradion Member

    vietnamese - English
    Yeah, I got your idea.
    When do we use "lives" as a noun? Could you please show me some examples? :)
  5. Sharifa345

    Sharifa345 Senior Member

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    The lives of everyone in the country depend on the president making a right decision.

    The bomb claimed 500 lives Saturday.
  6. funnyradion Member

    vietnamese - English
    :) I see, Sharifa!
    Your examples are both useful and comprehensive! :) Thanks for your great help!

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