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    I have to write a technical documentation in English.
    And I wonder what is the difference between mechanical and mechanic or electrical and electric (devices, systems, sensors....)
    For instance:
    "The robot ensures cycles management and mechanic (/mechanical) corrections on process"
    Which one is correct?

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  2. envie de voyager Senior Member

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    "The robot ensures cycle management and mechanical corrections"

    A mechanic is a person who works on mechanical things, like cars or machines in a factory.

    Electric and electrical are usually used as synonyms when they describe a device. The word electrical suggests something slightly more complicated than something described as electric. For example: an electric light, an electric drill, an electrical circuit.
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  3. Daone Member

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    I get it, mechanic is not an adjective.
    Thank you very much, and have a good trip envie de voyager

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