Difference between 'territory', 'domain' and 'realm'


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Hello everybody
Please help me to find the best choice for the example bellow:

Example: American black bears in order to define their ………. and as a form of communication with other bears mark trees using their teeth and claws.
1) territory
2) domains
3) realms
Source: self-made.
According to my dictionary's definitions, I think the only correct choice is 'a':

1) land that is owned or controlled by a particular country, ruler, or military force.
2) The area that an animal, bird etc regards as its own and will defend against other animals.
1) Formal: An area of activity, interest, or knowledge, especially one that a particular person, organization etc deals with.
2) An area of land owned and controlled by one person or government, especially in the past.
1) Written: a general area of knowledge, activity, or thought.
2) Literary: a country ruled by a king or queen.
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