difference between to give in and to give up

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  1. EveDeCopenhague Member

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    is there someone here who can explain to me the difference between to give in and to give up, they seem to me to have almost the same sense
    Thank you
  2. Cavatine Senior Member

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    I think "Give in" is less strong in its meaning than "give up", this latter announcing thus a complete surrender.

    But maybe I'm wrong, wait for natives : )
  3. ex-alicek New Member

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    hi there,
    to give in means to concede to someone ie two armies are doing battle and one side gives in and accepts that thay have lost the fight. also giving in is intransitive so you give in TO someone or something.

    to give up can mean either to concede, in pretty much the same way as give in ie I am trying to do a test, but its too difficult so I give up (or give in!!)
    or it can mean to stop doing something eg to give up smoking etc (you would never give in smoking, but you might give in to the URGE to smoke and light up a cigarette!)

    that might make you more confused than you were in the 1st place but i hope not
  4. french4beth

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    Hi Eve, & welcome to the forum!

    I would agree with both of the above!

    If you give in, there's generally someone else involved - you "agree to something after originally opposing it" (idioms.thefreedictionary.com). You can also 'give in' a report (to a boss or teacher).

    When you give up, you could be alone, or there could be someone else involved; from idioms.thefreedictionary.com - "admit defeat or failure" or "stop trying to guess the correct answer" ("Guess what I'm doing?" "I give up!"); if you give up something, you "stop doing or having something" (i.e. give up smoking).
  5. EveDeCopenhague Member

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    french, France
    Thank you very much to all of you, I get it now !
    And I promise to be more careful next time, I saw in "english only" forum a similar thread :eek: ... I have to get used with the forum !
  6. roy77 New Member

    Hi there :)
    Give in
    : - to finally agree to sth you were unwilling to agree before or to accept that you have been defeated and stop competing or fighting
    Give up : - to stop doing sth that you did regularly ex. a job, a sport,
    - to stop trying to do sth, especially because it's too difficult,
    - to stop smoking, drinking etc because you think it is bad or unhealthy,
    - to let someone else have sth that is yours, especially when you do not really want to.

    Good luck ;)))

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