Differences between rebellion, insurrection, and revolt?


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    Of the top of my head, you rebel and revolt against something - a regime for example. Both seem synonymous for an uprising of people aiming to overthrow that regime. Insurrection, on the other hand, is a general feeling of dissatisfaction, of "we would overthrow the current regime if"....if we were a little unhappier, if there were more of us etc. For example "there were a few instances of insurrection when mobs attacked police guards, but the town is now under control again".


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    I think an individual can rebel (against whatever) but it takes two to tango up a revolt.

    Insurrection is (to me) more of an ongoing destabilizing campaign that takes place leading up to and including the moment of outright revolt.

    Just my own impressions... your mileage may vary.