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hello everyone!! how does it explain the following differences between british english and american english in this harry potter and the philosopher's stone book version: the castle felt more like home that privet drive had ever done (be). the castle felt more like home that privet drive ever had. ( ae).

anyway i found out another one: when he woke early next morning... (be). when he woke early in the morning... (ae)

so, i think in both examples it is a question of grammatical matter.
  • Keith Bradford

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    The US publishers of Harry Potter seem to think that American children are unable to learn new words or cope with different styles of language. JK Rowling seems to have accepted that her very English novels can be transformed into American ones (well, it all helps to make money...). So both vocabulary and grammar have been altered to suit a US schoolroom standard. See likewise "candy store" for "tuck shop", etc. etc.

    There's further comment on this in post #14 of:

    (PS, Blondegirl, doesn't the capitals key work on your keyboard?)
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