different colours depending on their house

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  1. Pricey68 Member

    Hi, I want to say

    ...But other pupils have different colours depending on their house.

    So far I have

    ... mais les pupils inlude different colors due maison

    (bear in mind, the house used in this is like the different teams in my school)

    Help Please, Merci :)
  2. Moon Palace

    Moon Palace Senior Member

    Hello Pricey,
    Maybe you could use the dictionary to look up some words like "pupils" (the dictionary is at the top of the page), and you may also find this conjugator useful for your French verbs.
    For the end of the sentence which is a problem to you, I would suggest : différentes couleurs selon leur équipe / maison. In French, we would rather use the word équipe since we don't have the tradition of houses to refer to school groups.

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