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    Are the different ways to say a number differently similar to in English? Like if I were to speak "5123" I could say:

    five thousand one hundred twenty three,
    fifty-one twenty-three, or
    five one two three

    In french, could I similarly say:

    cinquante-et-un vingt-trois
    cinq un deux trois
  2. polaire Senior Member

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    I've noticed that French people will say, for example, 1926:

    Mille neuf cents vingt-six and

    Dix-neuf cents vingt-six

    I've never figured out if there's a preference.
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    In french you can say :
    cinq mille cent-vingt-trois
    cinquante et un mille cent-vingt-trois

    cinquante et un, vingt-trois
    cinq, un, deux, trois
    It's only to go quickly and say which numerals composed your number.
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    Salut Alain (euh... monsieur Delon ?)

    Yes, we can say numbers like you said. Especially for telephone numbers, by pairs. My phone number is "zero quatre quatre-vingt-onze..." / 04 91... (can't go further to keep my mystery!)
    And also for long numbers like "securité sociale" numbers...
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    If you are dictating a number over the phone, in French you take 2 digits at a time and not digit by digit as in English.
    For 5123 you would say "cinquante et un, vingt-trois.

    When speaking of years, such as 1923, you can say either mille neuf cent vingt-trois, or dix-neuf cent vingt-trois. I don't think there is any preference for either of the two.
  6. viera Senior Member

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