differentiate one from another

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  1. oxleem Member

    i am trying to translate - however everyone encounters many different experiences on the way to reaching their destination so it is the journey that differentiates one person's trip from another

    so far i have -
    Cependant tous le monde rencontre beaucoup d’expériences très different en route d’atteindre leur destination, donc il est le voyage qui difference un voyage d’un autre.

    im not sure about the verb differentiate and does anyone have another word as i cant use 'le voyage' twice. and le voyage is supposed to represent a journey that a traveller would make, not a holiday or trip that a tourist might go on.
    Many thanks
  2. Chèvredansante Senior Member

    Ottawa, Canada
    My suggestion:
    Cependant, tout le monde rencontre des expériences bien différentes en atteignant une destination. C'est les expériences qui peuvent être spectaculaires ou emmerdantes, qui distinguent un voyage à un autre.

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