difficult to detect / difficult to be detected

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Korean - Korea
I have a question :)

Drones are difficult to detect using a radar
Drones are difficult to be detected using a radar

I don't know the difference between them :(
For me, a novice, the latter one seems reasonable since drones need to be detected..
but I googled them and the former one turned out to be used more.
Can anyone tell me the difference?
  • Glenfarclas

    Senior Member
    English (American)
    Only the first sentence makes sense. It is difficult to detect drones, so we say that drones are difficult to detect. The second sentence is ungrammatical and meaningless.


    Bananas are healthy to eat. :tick:
    Bananas are healthy to be eaten. :cross:

    That information is useful to know. :tick:
    That information is useful to be known. :cross:


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    British English (Sussex)
    I agree with Glenfarclas. "Difficult to detect" implies "to be detected (by someone)", but we don't use the passive voice with this construction.
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