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    I woulde like to answer to a friend (the same Japanese one) who responded me back earlier...We're talking still about the same game about our favorite characters that we like to analyse.
    Could you help me to translate this?
    "No wonder that's difficult to explain. They share the same fate, but in the game they seemed to be rather distant of each other.
    It seems X was evil according to the original game. In the prequel, he didn't have any good side showed and contempted others. It seems obvious that P cared for him even if she wasn't as closer to him as with her friend.
    I guess P was according to the spell the person X loved the most. However his arrogance seemed to be more stronger and he acted very bad toward her. Don't know explain...
    Did he really care for her or not?"
    Thanks for your answers.
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    Sbaeneg/Castellano (Venezuela)
    I corrected some things in your English :). Contempt is only a noun, but since everything in English can be turned into a verb in colloquial speech it's OK. You should really try to give your attempt first. I find amazing that you can communicate with a JP person without knowing that much Japanese if both of you don't use another language. Or so it seems to me. :D

    Here it's my attempt, native speakers can surely improve it:

    説明しにくいわけだな。 運命を共にしたが、ゲームでは互いにかなり離れているようだった。オ リジナルゲームによるとXは悪だったらしい。前編で彼は良い面を見せず、他人を貶めた。彼女は彼女の友達と親しかったほど彼と親しくなかったとしても、P が彼のことは大事だと思えるのは明白なことのように見える。スペルによるとXがPは最も好きな人だっただろう。しかし、彼の傲慢さはもっと強いみたいだったが、彼女に対して態度が悪かった。説明すればいいのかな。。。彼って彼女のことが本当に大切にしてあげたのか?
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    涼宮、I don't like error correction. I will do only when I found any critical error. I see yours very nice. If I add something:

    >No wonder that's difficult to explain
    We often say 説明が難しいのは無理ないよ。/説明が難しいのは不思議じゃないよ。

    >However his arrogance seemed to be stronger and he acted very badly toward her.
    However, since his arrogance seemed to be stronger, he acted very badly toward her? しかし、彼の傲慢さはもっと強かったようなので、彼女に対して態度が悪かった?Is this correct, JapanForever?

    By the way, I don't understand 'according to the spell' in the original.

    Let me hear you all!
  4. 涼宮

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    Sbaeneg/Castellano (Venezuela)
    Hello, Frequency!, thanks for the comment. I had thought of 不思議, too, but for some reason I thought わけ would fit better. :D

    As far as I understand, according to the spell means just that, the spell reads, the spell that was cast showed that P was the person X loved the most.
  5. frequency

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    Tokyo, Japan
    涼宮、Okay..let's merge ours once.

    説明が難しいのは不思議じゃないよ。運命を共にしたが、ゲームでは互いにかなり離れているようだった。オ リジナルゲームによるとXは悪だったらしい。前編で彼は良い面を見せず、他人を貶めた。彼女は彼女の友達と親しかったほど彼と親しくなかったとしても、P が彼のことは大事だと思えるのは明白なことのように見える。Pとは、スペルによると、Xの最も好きな人だっただろう。しかし、彼の傲慢さはもっと強かったようで、彼女に対して態度が悪かった。どう説明すればいいのかな。。。彼って彼女のことを本当に大切にしてあげたのか?

    I corrected the sentence of P and the person X, and I added どう, and corrected particle が to を in 彼って彼女のことが・・ sorry.

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