dificultar - me dificulta el trabajo

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Good morning everyone. I need a hand translating the following sentence because I know dificultar could be hamper, hinder or make more difficult but, Which one would you use in the sentence below.?

La conexión lenta de intenet me dificulta trabajar aquí.

The slow Internet connexion hamper me to work here. ..... makes it more difficult for me to work here.

El hecho de que yo no haya tenido una buena preparación me dificulta desarrollar mi trabajo como me gustaría.

The fact that I have not had a good training hamper me to develop my work as I would like.

no me lo pongas más dificil.

El accidente que tuve hace dos años me impidió seguir mis estudios.

The accident I had two years ago prevented/ hampered me from going on with my studies.

Don´t make it more difficult.

Thank you very much.
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    You can use any of them, but you need to change the sentences slightly.

    ... makes it difficult for me to work here/hampers my work here/hinders my work here.

    ...makes it difficult for me to develop my work as I would like/ hampers/hinders my work development. (hampers/hinders my ability to develop my work as I would like – but that's rather long and awkward).

    ... made it difficult for me to carry on with my studies/ hampered me in my studies / hindered my studies (hindered me in continuing my studies – but that's a bit awkward).

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