Dig a pony

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Hello everybody. Today I want to ask about this song by The Beatles "Dig a pony". What does ir mean....?

Here is a transcript of some of the song lines for some background.

I dig a pony
Well you can celebrate anything you want
Well you can celebrate anything you want
I do a road hog
Well you can penetrate any place you go
Yes you can penetrate any place you go
I told you,

Thank you for any help.......​
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    "To dig" could also mean "to like", not that this sheds much light on the rest of the lyrics.


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    Southern AE greatly modified by a 1st-generation Scottish-American mother, and growing up abroad.
    The Beatles wrote song lyrics packed with obscure references drawn from their lives, sometimes from the trivia of their lives.

    A road hog is an aggressive, selfish driver, usually a male. This image is paired lyrically with "penetrate" and contrasted with the verse where "pony" is paired with "celebrate."

    Road hogs do kinda penetrate their way through traffic, so maybe there's some connection between a pony and the concept of celebration.

    Well, a pony happens to be a specific shape of champagne glass, a little like a flute but with a flared top They must be just about extinct because I had the damnedest time finding that picture of one on the internet. Anyway you might also recognize them as parfait glasses, since they're used for layered desserts as well as champagne.

    Is this the kind of pony John Lennon digs? It's a plausible enough candidate, since celebration is involved. I assume everyone knows what beatniks, hipsters and hippies mean by "dig." If you have to ask, you'll never know.

    Gee it's been years since I've heard that-- not a catch phrase I used at the time, since I thought it was a little rude-- and kind of a dodge. If I have to ask, and you find some clever way of not answering me-- maybe it's you who'll never know, ya damn phony.

    All of which brings us to a caveat about Lennon's lyrics-- he hated to explain them, and had the same condescending attitude toward people who weren't "hip" enough to understand where his head was at, and of course coming from. By osmosis, I assume, not asking simple questions.

    Oh, BTW, digging something is a combination of understanding it and liking it, being "into" it. Why do you ask-- don't you dig a pony?


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    Thank you everybody....even if we are still not sure about the real meaning of the lyrics these answers give me such an insight into the language and.....of course....about the genius mind of John Lennon.

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    When I was s kid it was possible to purchase a 7 oz glass of beverage in Australian pubs and this was the glass generally used by ladies and children.

    The glass was called a pony.

    I hope this means something.

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