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Hi there!
This is the time of the year when kids and adults alike love digging into heaping plates of brains, severed fingers, and eyeballs... as long as they're made of marzipan or peanut butter, of course. http://candy.about.com/od/halloweencandyrecipes/tp/spooky_candies.htm?nl=1
I Know dig in means : to start eating, I wanna be sure if here as the writer wants to describe an action it is proper to use it with into, at first glance it was a Little bit confusing, please tell me if the usage of into in this case is correct.
Great to know you are ready and willing to help.
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    Yes, the writer of your text used it correctly. You dig into something, ie. He dug into his plate of spaghetti with enthusiasm!

    "Dig in" is used by itself as an expression. For example, if I sit down at a table and don't start eating right away the host might say "Dig in!" as an informal way of inviting me to start eating.
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