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<-----Excess quote removed by moderator (Florentia52)----->I knew he’d marry a woman who was perfect for him. <...> I know this without a doubt. Dig. He’s making the face, <...>” I said, pointing over at Eamon and Evangeline, both of them so bright with smile.
THis is an excerpt from Whiskey & Ribbons by Leesa Cross-Smith. The man speaking is at his brother's wedding, where he's the best man. He's giving a speech.

What does dig mean in this context? Couldn't be literal digging, could it?
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    WordReference Random House Dictionary: dig: dig2 v.2 to take notice of;
    look at carefully:[~ + object]Dig those shoes he's wearing.

    Meaning “Take a look at him. He’s making the face.”
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