digit [law; legal language]


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Here is the example paragraph:

Container's attack is apparently directed to the propriety of utilizing several of the individual digits as factors in the analysis. As we said in Bunn, the question whether a particular digit can properly be taken into account is a question of law. See 451 F.2d at 1263. When a district court considers a digit that, as a matter of law, should not be counted against a defendant, the court's findings lose the shield of the "clearly erroneous" standard.

"Container" is the name of a company. Bunn is way of analysis.

Normally digit means number. Here, however, I think it means something else. Anyone has a clue ?

Thank you.
  • I've tagged your question "law" so perhaps one of our members who is a lawyer will come along to help. I have no specialized legal knowledge and it doesn't make any sense to me. :(
    Here is the text of the litigation. In it, you will find this:

    Determining likelihood of confusion entails findings of fact at two distinct levels. [cut out several questions] Such questions require findings of fact; to clarify the analytical process we have referred to these primary findings as "digits".

    In the case at bar the district court compiled an impressive array of fourteen separate findings of fact, or digits, that contributed to its unfair competition holding. These digits provide the proper background for addressing Container's arguments, and we therefore set them forth here:
    It is clear from the reference in the first sentence to 'the individual digits' that these digits have already been mentioned earlier in the text.
    The way to find out what they are is to look back at the earlier uses of the term in this text.