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Source: Finding Your Lost Bitcoins

KENNY MALONE, BYLINE: Syl Turner heard about bitcoin about 10 years ago, and he figured, what the heck, got a couple of coins and then saved them to what's known as a digital wallet on his hard drive.

SYL TURNER: You know, at the time I didn't think bitcoin was worth anything so I didn't (laughter), back anything up.

MALONE: To be fair, it wasn't worth anything at the time. Turner had digital pennies and then let them fall between the digital couch cushions.
Hi everyone! What is a "digital couch cushion"? I know "couch cushion" as
couch cushion - Google Search:
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    Loose change (and other things) from your pocket can sometimes fall between couch cushions and stay hidden for a long time, and then turn up when the cushions are taken off the couch for some reason.

    That's similar to what happened to Turner's digital coins. He lost them, and since they were digital coins, Malone was saying it was as if they slipped between digital couch cushions.
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