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Is it a local brand that only sells goods online?

"Walmart is also focused on its acquisitions of so-called digitally native brands like Modcloth, Bonobos, and Bare Necessities, though they don't yet contribute significantly to Walmart's e-commerce sales growth, according to the company. The head of Walmart's e-commerce business in the U.S. and founder of, Marc Lore, has hinted that Walmart could one day own upward of 40 digitally native brands."

Amazon isn't killing Walmart online
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    The phrase seems to be connected to "Digital(Adj.) Native (N.) Digital native - Wikipedia, a term that seems to relate to those who have grown up in the "computer-age".

    Thus "digitally native" companies are companies that exist only online and use the information they collect to target customers (mainly from those who are computer literate) so as to increase sales.

    The IT company "pixieLee" seems to use this phrase frequently when it tries to sell its services to other businesses:
    3 Ways Digitally Native Brands Are Better At E-commerce Personalization

    From Dollar Shave Club to Away Luggage to Casper Mattresses, it’s clear these direct to consumer and millennial-driven brands have been disrupting nearly every consumer vertical.

    Infographic: Digitally-native HCPs
    The way doctors use digital technology is changing, and there will soon be more 'digitally-native' healthcare professionals than those who have had to adapt to new technologies.

    This infographic compiled by LBi Health and originally published in The Directory contains key details on how doctors are using digital.
    Read the LBi Health article 'Are you talking to digital natives?'


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    I think it specifically means a company that was founded as an internet company and didn't start out as a regular company that moved onto the internet. It was "born" on the internet and is therefore a native. Just as I was born in the U.S. so I'm a native of the U.S.

    Some companies start on the internet and then add real stores and some go in the other direction and leave their real stores behind. Some started on the internet and have always been only there.
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