dimensioni ciclopiche


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Si può tradurre alla lettera "dimensioni ciclopiche" ('Cyclopean dimensions'), o è necessario tradurlo con 'huge dimensions' e simili?
  • Sì, mi suona già meglio, ma non so se esiste... Any native? O chiunque che lo sappia per certo? =)
    Rather than cyclopic we tend to use herculean when refering to something of great size or strength...

    so prerhaps (but it depends on what you are describing),herculean proportions might fit.
    I'm referring to stone blocks. Does it still sound good to you? Stone blocks of herculean proportions (dimensions)?
    Doesn't herculean pertain to (great) effort?

    No, it can aslo mean very very big, strong, powerful etc see Wiki's definition here

    @matrix, good question I'd tend to use it with animate rather than inanimate objects and abstract nouns but I'm not sure why. Funnily enough though while surfing for some clarification I came across a site which was describing a "cyclopean monument to Hercules"!
    I try and clear my thoughts and get back to you
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    Hahaha, 'cyclopean monument to Hercules'...like they are kidding you, byrne! :p

    Thank you all, people! You are :tick: :D
    GavinW, I don't think so, in this case, I think it was used to say "huge" (dimensions).
    GavinW, I don't think so, in this case, I think it was used to say "huge" (dimensions).

    Fair enough, your call, but if you use this adjective in connection with stone blocks, there are 2 possibilities:
    1) it is a literal, technical reference, and, pace the Wiki page, this former archeologist, for one, can confirm that it's a common adjective used to describe other ancient building techniques, including Etruscan and Andean masonry, not just ancient Greek; or:
    2) it's a figurative, non-technical reference just meaning "huge" (as you and others believe).

    Only you can know, because you have the (full) context, and you haven't shared it with us yet! ;-)
    perche non scrivere colossal stone blocks?
    or giant stone blocks?
    English speech sounds more native if simplified. don't write of ....dimensions, proportions... moreover it is technical language.