Dimensions (h x l x t)

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  1. aitzibes Member

    spanish & basque --- Basque Country

    Tengo una duda respecto a esto:

    H (high) = altura
    L (length) = longitud
    T ???

    Tiene que ser "anchura" o "fondo" pero no se cual es la palabra en inglés.

    ¡Gracias por vuestra ayuda!
  2. rogster01

    rogster01 Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    English UK
    It is normally, H L W,
  3. aitzibes Member

    spanish & basque --- Basque Country
    I know. But in this case as it says "T" I was wondering if it may be something different!
  4. Spug Senior Member


    Es posible que sea thickness (grosor). Pero como dice rogster1, es mucho más común (por lo menos en AE) decir height, length, width.

    Espero que te ayude, y un saludo.
  5. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    I agree with Spug that it probably means thickness. Giving us the context (the type of document you're translating, etc.) is always important, since it cuts down on the guesswork.

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