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I am describing the different aspects of a person's character.

He empathises with low-resource people.
He is passionate about women.
He reads voraciously.
He argues voceferously.

What are these aspects called? ....dimensions...features...characteristics
  • clairanne

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    Iwould say these are characteristics of the person.

    "He empathises with low-resource people".
    This is not a very English sentence. " He empathises with the "less well off "would sound better.

    He argues "vociferously".


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    If I were going to be very picky, I would note that the first two traits indicate how he feels (empathises, is passionate), while the latter two are behavioral (reads, argues).

    Of the words you suggest, "characteristics" is the best, as claireanne says. I wonder, though, if there isn't some more specific word for the two kinds of description.