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I am writing a cover letter for an IT company. I would like to say that the company I am applying for has a lot of exciting opportunities.
Can I say : "That reveal the tremendous opportunities offered by your company". Is not tremendous too familiar ? Which word fits best the situation of a cover letter ?

Thank you very much
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  • Suehil

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    What would you say in French, Scard? We can't possibly know if 'tremendous' is right if we don't know your original thought.

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    Thank you all for your answers, thank you Suehil !

    I actually meant something more in the sentence before "That reveal the tremendous opportunities offered by your company". I was listing two reasons that show this company has a strong vitality and a lot of projects to work on that are very interesting and exciting. In French, I would say : "Ces raisons font que votre entreprise offre d'importantes opportunités qui s'avèrent passionantes."

    I hope you have enough to help me :) I can tell you more if you need :)
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