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    This is the title of a collection of short stories. Maybe its meaning is 'story/ies' because other titles (in other languages) of the same series mean 'legend' or 'fable' or 'story'. I would like to know which language is, too. I thought it would be in Setswana or Sotho but I can't be sure. Thank you.
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    Hello SoleBlu,
    Welcome to the forums. :)
    In the context of a (2007) book by Maggie Davey, I guess that the language is Tswana (Setswana) as you have suggested :
    Unfortunately it doesn't appear in any of these On-line short word lists, so I can't help you with it's meaning :
    Translations of all 11 official RSA languages


    ps : "Teaching for Cultural Relevance and Restoration in the Multi-lingual South African Setting :"
    (The Pedagogical Potential of Bi-lingual Setswana-English Stories)
    by Karen Haire and D.S. Matjila (2008) translates it once as "stories" but several times it uses an entirely different word for "story".
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    Thank you very much!
    I already run into Dinaane tsa Setswana and the Webster's Dictionary but your links are very useful, at least to put forward a hypothesis!!

    Setswana belon
    gs to the Sotho (sub)group. I've found that, in both languages, the plural form can be formed by the prefix di- or din- so I claimed that the singular form could be something like *naane. So I found in a Sesotho dictionary the words:

    'naha' that means country, land, region or state, plural 'dinaha'
    'nahana'= to consider, to think, to reason
    'nahanelong'= to considerate

    Maybe this isn't useful but I trust in one's knowledge!!!
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    Hi SoleBlu,
    I know nothing of African languages. Perhaps this on-line PDF documents may be of help to you : On page 166 of Karen Haire and D.S. Matjila's study we find this sentence :
    A little further on
    Compare the use of "story" on page 158 of the same study.

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    Many thanks L'irlandais. This helps me to confirm my thesis!
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    Dumelang ditsala!
    Yes you're right, dinaane is stories. It is similar to diane, which are proverbs. They are traditionally told stories that carry a deeper cultural meaning than just simple stories.
    It's definitely setswana. Setswana and Sesotho have similarities, but are also different in a lot of ways.
    Source: I speak Setswana
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    Wow! Great! I was always afraid that some native speaker would "question" my attempts (I would have to eliminate some pages of my thesis...). Anyway, you would have been welcome the same... Thank you very much!!!
    Ps: sorry for my bad English...

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