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Hi, guys!
There is a question: I know that a room for dinner should be called dining room, but I found another spelling in a dictionary like this 'dinning room'. I doubt the spelling of 'dinning room', what's your opinion?
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    Excuse me, Mr. Copyright. I'm not very clear that how to name the source. Is there any thing wrong with my thread title?


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    Here's an online version of the article from which you quote (about 8 paragraphs up from the bottom). "Dinning" is a typographical error. Sadly, your dictionary link is not helpful :( but if it contains the spelling "dinning room" for a place where you dine, it also has the typo :(


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    Consider it one or more of the following:

    1. Bad writing - worse editing.
    2. Typographical error by writer - poor editor.
    3. Stuck 'n' key.
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    From the coat room, out of sight, Mr. Livoti started into "I've Got the World on a String, " before stepping into the dinning room.

    It is just a spelling mistake that the editor, if there was one, missed.

    Edit: While I was reading the article, others have posted.


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    Both points made by Julian (post #7) are correct. And the dictionary you cited is not an English-language dictionary. You are better off using the WordReference dictionary or one of the other reputable online free dictionaries such as dictionary.com, thefreedictionary.com, or merriam-webster.


    Hi all, I was just watching Vaughan English TV in Spain and I saw diNNing room shown on screen! Dining room is spelt with only one N because it derives from the verb TO DINE... so we remove the E and add ING, no need for another N. I think that's the reason