Dip beak in someone's backside


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I was reading this book, The White Tiger, winner of Man Booker Prize 2008.

Vijay's family were Pigherds, which meant they were the lowest of the low, yet he had made it up in life. Somehow he had befriended a politician. People said he had let the politician dip his beak in his backside.

Another one

The Raven owned the worst land, which was the dry, rocky hillside around the fort, and took a cut from the goatherds who went up there to graze with their flocks. If they didn't have their money, he liked to dip his beak into their backside, so they called him the Raven.

What does that phrase, 'Dip beak in someone's backside' mean?

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    From the context, it sounds as if it means "to have anal sex" although I could be taking it too literally. It is not a phrase I have ever heard - I suspect it of being Chennai slang.

    This is from a newspaper review:
    There is something contrived and irritating about the narrative frame, which is in the form of letters written by Balram to the Premier of Beijing (this is never explained). And while the satire can be acutely funny, at other times, it is cheap and exploitative: obsessive references to "buggery," and Balram's frequent desire to "dip his beak into" young women, for example. The humor at these points is more Borat than George Carlin.
    A tale of who gets eaten and who gets to eat