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Un plato que se define como "delicious dip-cum-spread", ¿qué significa?

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    No se refiere a un plato en sí. Dip-cum-spread se refiere a cualquier tipo de salsa como el hummus que tiene doble uso, como un dip (meter un trozo de pan, papita frita,etc.) y spread (para untar)


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    Ya terminé el mensaje, lo habia mando incompleto por accidente.
    Como dip o como pasta para untar.
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    "Dip-cum-spread" sounds humorously strange, especially because of the word "cum", which is informal for 'semen'.
    The word cum does not sound strange to me. According to Merriam-Webster cum is "used in hyphenated phrases to link nouns that describe a person or thing with two jobs, uses, etc." It comes from Latin, and I believe that it is the same word that is used in the Latin expressions magna cum laude and summa cum laude.

    In American English, the slang word for semen is "come". I suppose that cum might be an alternate spelling.


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    'Cum' was used in this innocent context long, long before it started to be used in the sexual sense.
    Ask the people who live in villages such as
    Stow cum Quy (Cambridgeshire)
    Brightwell cum Stockwell (Oxfordshire)
    Bardsey cum Rigton (Yorkshire)
    and a long etcetera.
    It simply means 'with' (from the Latin)
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