dip your shillelagh in the wrong pot of gold

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I'm seeing drama Gossip girl

Some people(with chuck and nate) came to a pub

on arriving, Chuck said to his friends "Phase three, Pub crawl, Five boroughs. 50 pubs... 500 chances to get laid. And remember don't dip your shillelagh in the wrong pot of gold"

I don't know what "don't dip your shillelagh in the wrong pot of gold" is"

help me :)
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    Clearly, the speaker is using "shillelagh," a type of club, to refer to the penis. Note that this word is virtually unknown in America, but that the combination of "shillelagh" and "pot of gold" would immediately convey some notion of "Irishness" to any educated person, and the context would make it abundantly clear what he's talking about.

    As for "the wrong pot of gold," I feel he's probably simply warning his friends against having sexual relations with the "wrong" individual.

    Thanks, Lis48.

    I'm truly glad to be able to delete what I wrote earlier.
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    I agree that shillelagh means penis here but I would say that the pot of gold refers to the one hidden by the leprochaun at the end of the rainbow so:
    Don´t try to get lucky with the wrong girl!
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