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  1. FioreNYC

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    Hello all,

    I am working on a translation and seem to have hit a bit of bump in the road. I tried looking up the word agrotecnico on the WR dictionary and the forum threads but this term does not come up. I am working on translating the profiles of farmers and the section I need help with is "...un diploma da agrotecnico..."

    My stab at a GB translation would be a technical agronomy diploma.

    Any suggestions or tips?

  2. Benzene

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    Italian from Italy
    Hello FioreNYC!

    Let me suggest "Agronomist Diploma".


  3. FioreNYC

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    :idea::idea:That sounds way better!! :idea::idea:

    Grazie mille Benzene!!!

    Fiorella :)
  4. Mary49

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    Io invece suggerisco "agricultural technician" Agriculture Technician | ECO Canada "As an agriculture technician, you help scientists and farmers develop better ways to manage plant and animal farms. You provide technical expertise and support to crop and livestock producers in a variety of capacities. For example, you might work directly with farmers and ranchers on production or you might work with other agriculture professionals researching new crop varieties, testing new pesticides and fertilizers, researching crop and livestock diseases, or new production methods".
    "Agronomo" è diverso: How to Become an Agronomist | EnvironmentalScience.org "Agronomists study the numerous ways plants can be cultivated, genetically altered, and utilized to our advantage. Agronomists can specialize in a number of different fields, but most focus on increasing the quality and quantity of plants produced - particularly for food stores. Typically an Agronomist will spend their workdays performing experiments on plants to improve their durability, longevity, and crop yield. The idea is to provide the most lush, disease-free crops as possible....Agronomists may work in a variety of different environments depending on the exact nature of their job. They may observe plant life in the field - either in farms or greenhouses - or perform experiments in agricultural labs. Sometimes the work may involve traveling to farms or food processing mills, possibly exposing themselves to outdoor hazards and heavy machinery".
  5. FioreNYC

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    Grazie, Mary 49!!

    Agriculture Technician é giusto.

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