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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Lisssa, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Lisssa Member

    Italian, Italy
    Hi guys,

    I have difficulties translating "diploma di geometra" into English.

    Could anyone help me out, please?

    Thank you!
  2. Siberia

    Siberia Senior Member

    UK-Wales - English
    High school diploma with specialisation in surveying
  3. Lisssa Member

    Italian, Italy
    Thank you so much!!!
  4. freetofly New Member

    Italy, Italian
    Hi all,

    I have to translate "diploma di geometra" for my English CV but I don't know a good translation for that.
    I have found here a previous translation: High school diploma with specialisation in surveying

    I think that being a "geometra" is something more than a surveyor...
    So if you have any other translation I would be grateful,


  5. perfavore Senior Member

    Philippines - Tagalog

    Welcome to the forum! Can you tell what other things you have learned to do besides surveying?

  6. freetofly New Member

    Italy, Italian
    Hi perfavore,

    I can tell you the main subjects i studied with their original name..

    Elementi di Diritto
    Scienze naturali e geografia
    Disegno Tecnico
    Tecnologia rurale
    Economia e contabilità
    Estimo (valuation)
    Tecnologia delle costruzioni
    Costruzioni (materials science)

    let me know if you don' t know some of them.


  7. perfavore Senior Member

    Philippines - Tagalog
    Hi Rosario,

    Please remember that the moderators want you to follow the rules of capitalization. Is this something accomplished in High School as previously suggested or Associate's degree? Can it be a "Geomatics Diploma"?

  8. freetofly New Member

    Italy, Italian
    Hi perfavore, thanks for your advices about rules here, I just need to get used at them.
    Yes, my "Diploma di Geometra", was accomplished in High School and I think it doesn't apply to "Geomatics Diploma" according to what I saw on Wikipedia.
    I think there is not an equivalent Diploma in UK or USA so I was thinking to write the Italian name of my Diploma and try to explain between brackets what it is.
    I think I will need some help to do that.

  9. jjjones Senior Member

    Italy Italian
    My attempt: Building Engineer (High School Diploma).
  10. freetofly New Member

    Italy, Italian
    Ciao jjjones,

    Grazie per il tentativo, occorrerebbe comunque il parere di un madrelingua.
    Ho trovato un pezzo di articolo che cerca di spiegare in Inglese cos' è un Geometra:

    "The geometra in Italy performs roughly the combined functions of an architect, site foreman, and engineer in charge of buildings and land use issues. He or she is also the person who liaisons with the building authorities, public bodies, and local councils and is expressly authorized to draw up the plans or renovate buildings up to a certain size limit, without calling on the services of an architect. The geometra produces working drawings, deals with building contractors, suppliers, and all the paperwork and building permits.
    The geometra should know the correct people at the building department that make the important decisions and all the tricks for getting around burdensome regulations"

    Magari i madrelingua possono farsi meglio un idea per potermi dare utili indicazioni per una breve traduzione di "Diploma di Geometra".

  11. Lars Raggio New Member

    Thank you for the clarification. Rai offers "Rai Click" in the internet, which has wonderful TV shows, and I particularly enjoy the 15 part comedy series, "Raccontami" " La storia della famiglia Ferrucci in un'Italia anni '60 in via di trasformazione." Mr Ferrucci, working as a laborer, takes up his studies in middle age and passes his Geometra exam and is now addressed as "Geometra Ferrucci on the work site . . . I assumed it was a title below Ingeniere and your information clears it all up. Tante belle cose, Lore'
  12. Federicoputzu New Member


    The geometer is a professional who mainly works in the construction sector and real estate. The Royal Decree February 11, 1929, n. 274 establishing the profession in Italy, enable the geometer in carrying out many technical skills, including the design and direction of common buildings’ work, the extent of land and estimated movable and immovable property.

    Etymology and original vocation

    The word geometer has the same genesis of geometry which is the composition of two Greek words "geo" and "meters", respectively, land and measure, indicates the original geometer vocation: that of “agrimensore”, that is "gauge of the earth".
    The birth of the geometer’ s post is traced back the establishment of the Roman Legion, which was expected the figure of "mensor", a sort of ante litteram geometer responsible, among other tasks, to track lines basis of "castra aestiva" ; the temporary encampments that legionnaires built during their movements.
    In 1929, the year of establishment of the modern geometer profession, the economic situation of Italy was very different from today: agriculture covered more than 80% of national GDP and gave work to about 90% of the population. Therefore it was needed a figure that had professional skills to measure rustic funds with the precision required for its proper exploitation or for a sale, that knew how to estimate single fund, which knew to build up buildings needed for its conduct, and that had a knowledge of cultivation techniques.

    The today figure of geometer

    Currently, the geometer has found a precise location in the liberal professions world of work it has became part of the category of technical intermediary will be adjusted from the liberal profession through the acquisition of degree (three years) in classes 4 -- 7-8 (starting in 2015). Today a geometer works as employee or as consultant inside of technical offices (often: Organizing Technical Unit - UOT or Manager sector) of the municipality. Being a professional expert in the specific regulations and their territory. Generally Technical Employees in public administration, holders of trust or professionals of estate agents, or charged by credit institutions, notary’ s chambers and courts estimates or expert opinion.
    Even to put stamps on a Complaint Begin Activities (DIA), Building Permits (PdC) or other practices related to the design construction civil small claims. The geometer’ s activity has, however, suffered a change strictly linked to social change, material and scientific due to the transition from civilization to a service company and tertiary.

    The title of geometer

    The title of geometer is awarded once passed the state exam of the course of an “Institute for
    Technical Geometer” (ITG) state or recognized. The course includes the study of fundamental matters, such as Italian, English, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, physical education. The subjects specific to address are: technical design, construction, technology, construction, valuation estimates, topography, law.
    The Presidential Decree reform 328/01 and the one of secondary school (Moratti reform) will lead to exhaustion access to the profession through diploma described above and after 2015 it will be necessary to achieve degree (three years) in classes 4-7-8 to access all ' State examination.

    Professional Skills

    According to Article 16 of R.D. n.274/1929, the professional skills of geometers are well established:
    • a) topographical detection and measurement operations, triangular secondary straight sides and polygonation , determination and verification of boundaries; operations on land and estimate;
    • b) the tracking of roadways and consortium and, also, where they have lesser importance, ordinary roads and irrigation canals and drainage;
    • c) measure and division of rustic funds;
    • d) measure and division of urban areas and small buildings civilians;
    • e) estimates of areas and rustic funds, even for loans and land expropriation, estimates of damage by hail or by fire to rustic funds, and scores of damage farm to grass cultures, wood, fruit, leaf and wood.
    Except cases of major economic importance and for those who, because of the complexity of factors, require special scientific and technical knowledge of doctors in agricultural science;
    • f) even estimate for loans and land expropriation, urban areas and small buildings civilians; estimate of the damage caused by fires;
    • g) estimate of immovable property, operations and delivery of goods and rural budgets and liquidations; value for the Constitution and elimination of rural servitude; estimate of irrigation water in the relations of agrarian funds served. Except in cases of major economic importance and for those, because of the complexity of factors, they require special scientific and technical knowledge of doctors in agricultural science;
    • h) accounting and administrative functions in small and medium-sized farms;
    • i) trust ship of small and medium-sized farms, because it does not import period exceeding one year and a real technical direction, assistance in land development contracts;
    • l) project management, monitoring and liquidation of rural buildings and buildings for use of agricultural manufactories, of limited importance, ordinary structure, including small accessory buildings in reinforced concrete, which does not require special operations calculation and their destination can not involve danger to the safety of people, and of small works related to agricultural companies, such as roads nearby without significant works of art, works of irrigation and reclamation, provision of water for the same companies and allotment of spending on works related Consortium; however, exclusive, the drafting of general reclamation projects hydraulic and agricultural and related management;
    • m) project, direction and supervision of modest buildings civilians;
    • n) measure, accounting and liquidation of civil indicated in the letter m);
    • o) measure, accounting and liquidation of rural construction work specified above;
    • p) investigation and arbitrary functions regarding the powers first mentioned;
    • q) tasks of municipal assessor for technical functions in ordinary municipalities with a population up to ten thousand inhabitants, excluding public works projects of importance or involving the resolution of major technical problems
  13. Lindts

    Lindts New Member



    io uso draftsman or draughtsman. Per esempio, questa la definizione su un sito che elenca Architetti, Disegners e Geometri...

    I would say "Draftsman Degree"

    Draftsmen, also called architectural technicians, perform a small part of the architect’s overall process and responsibility architects and often work in conjunction with architects. Draftsmen, like architects, also prepare CAD drawings, including technical details and specifications of materials dimensions and procedures. In the architectural profession the draftsman specialises in the technical documentation of a project. However, drafting can be applied to many other areas besides construction and architecture. Draftsmen can also produce drawings of circuitry, piping and other mechanical designs.
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  14. King Crimson

    King Crimson Modus in fabula

    Milano, Italia
    Personalmente non userei "Draftsman Degree" come traduzione dell'italiano "Diploma di geometra", infatti le funzioni descritte dal sito che hai richiamato sono solo una minima parte di quelle svolte dal nostro geometra diplomato e indicate al post 12.
    A livello più generale, poi, vanno tenute presenti le grosse differenze tra i sistemi scolastici (e i conseguenti titoli accademici) dei diversi paesi: poiché questo diploma non esiste a livello di High School (se vogliamo prendere come riferimento il sistema americano) è inutile cercare un riferimento diretto con un titolo corrispondente perché quello che otterremo, nel migliore dei casi, sarà un'approssimazione piuttosto grossolana. In questi casi mi orienterei su una descrizione sintetica piuttosto che una traduzione diretta.
    A complicare ulteriormente le cose c'è anche da dire che questo titolo è stato abolito, infatti gli istituti tenici per geometri non ci sono più e ormai è necessario un corso di laurea triennale per geometra laureato (e non più semplicemente diplomato).
  15. pebblespebbles

    pebblespebbles Senior Member

    I think "architectural technician", or "architectural design technician" sounds good...
  16. Ilax.b

    Ilax.b New Member

    Ciao Lisssa,
    ho lo stesso problema che avevi tu su come scrivere "diploma di geometra".
    Alla fine che termini hai usato?
  17. King Crimson

    King Crimson Modus in fabula

    Milano, Italia
    Benvenuta Ilax,
    dubito che Lisssa ti risponderà, si è vista da questa parti per l'ultima volta quasi quattro anni fa... comunque, se vuoi il mio personale parere vedi quello che ho scritto nel post 14;)
  18. Benzene

    Benzene Senior Member

    Italian from Italy
  19. King Crimson

    King Crimson Modus in fabula

    Milano, Italia
    Ecco, questo è uno di quei (rari) casi in cui dissento dal dizionario di WR... non mi dilungo a spiegare perché, basta leggere i 18 post precedenti;)
  20. Odysseus54

    Odysseus54 Mod huc mod illuc

    In the hills of Marche
    Italian - Marche
    I would call it a 'Construction Management diploma'.
  21. MR1492

    MR1492 Senior Member

    Newport News, Virginia
    English -USA
    I agree with Ody. Perhaps something like "Diploma - Construction Management" would work. This is very difficult to translate because we do not have an equivalent in AE high school curricula to "Geometra." Personally, given the difficulty, you may have to list the key elements of your coursework as you did in post #6 and perhaps even the explanation from Federicoputzu in post #12. While CVs probably should not be too long, if you are submitting this to Americans, more explanation is better. The English may be a little more familiar with the Italian school diploma system.


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