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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by tdolittle, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. tdolittle New Member

    Ciao, qualcuno può spiegarmi l'esatta differenza tra questi tipi di diplomi post universitari? Grazie mille
  2. dannyv Senior Member

    Msc = Master of Science
    MBA = Master of Business Administration
    LLM = Masters of Law
    PhD = Doctor of Philosophy

    All three of these are typically obtained after completing a Bachelor's degree in Art or Science, B.A or B.S., respectively, and the PhD follows the Master's degree

    So, a typical progression in the US would be as follows:

    B.S => M.S. (M.Sc.) => PhD
    B.A(S). => MBA
    B.A(S). => LLM

    I say "typically," because in some instances, some degrees may be waived or incorporated into a higher degree... for example,

    B.S. => PhD

    Hope that helps! :)
  3. tdolittle New Member

    Thank you so much dannyv. But what's the difference between a diploma and a master, I mean, which one is more complete or better? I have to choose one of them...
  4. mal67 Senior Member

    US - English
    This is incorrect in the US, where the LLM is a (post-)graduate degree that follows the initial degree in law. In the US, the initial degree is now the JD (Juris Doctor), though in earlier times (and still today in other countries) it could be called LLB (bachelor of laws).

    To answer tdolittle's question, in the US a masters degree is generally considered to be more advanced or complete than a diploma - though I'm sure there are exceptions.
  5. dannyv Senior Member

    In the US, universities typically award "degrees," and these are considered complete... I am not familiar with "diplomas," but that may be an equivalent term for a degree awarded in another country... you will have to be more specific in your question, since there is quite a difference between, say, an MBA and a PhD; an MBA has to do specifically with Business; an LLM has to do specifically with Law; a PhD may be in any recognized subject--maths, English, science, and so forth...
  6. dannyv Senior Member

    Please accept my apologies. yes, J.D. => LL.M. Thank you mal67! :)
  7. tdolittle New Member

    It's about law. I graduated in law and I have to make a postgraduate pre-enrolment in GB. the phrase is exactly: "The Masters in water law has two options: taught degree or research degree. The taught LLM degree (minimum one-year residential requirement) ( does it mean you have to live there?)" and then you can choose among: -Diploma/LLM in international law; -Diploma/MSc in water studies and MBA in water management
  8. mal67 Senior Member

    US - English
    From the information provided, it sounds to me like this program (Dundee?) offers three options for studying water resources: an LLM for those interested in studying the legal aspects, an MSc for those interested in the science/technical aspects, and an MBA for those interested in the business/management aspects.

    A diploma is usually a certificate that acknowledges a certain level of studies, but which falls short of a complete degree program. But I would check the descriptions offered by the particular universities / institutions you're considering.
  9. MünchnerFax

    MünchnerFax Senior Member

    Italian, Italy
    tdolittle, guarda se per caso con la funzione di ricerca non trovi qualcosa di interessante. Discussioni su diplomi e titoli di laurea ne abbiamo a decine. ;)
    Cerca "master", "diploma", "MSc" o le altre sigle e avrai da leggere per tutta la giornata. :p
  10. tdolittle New Member

    grazie millissimo very very very much a tutti!!!!:)

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