"diploma work"?

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Hello, I'd like to ask if it is possible to use diploma work or diploma thesis as synonyms to master's thesis. I would say that the first is not possible while the latter is, but Google returns surprisingly many results for both.
Thanks for your answers.
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    Hello forejtv - welcome to WordReference.

    I would be very surprised indeed if these were synonyms.
    A masters degree is not the same as a diploma.

    There are, of course, many examples of both diploma thesis and masters thesis. That does not mean that they are in any way equivalent, does it?


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    Actually, this is the answer that I expected, thank you very much indeed. Then I have another question: can you use diploma work at all? Can you use work in the meaning of thesis? In Czech, they are both translated as one word (práce), but I think that they are not related in English. Am I right?


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    If you are working toward a diploma, I'm sure you could describe the various things you are doing as "diploma work" in certain contexts, but I wouldn't use "work" as a synonym for "thesis" in any situation, whether the thesis was for a diploma, an honours degree, a Masters or a PhD.
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    I understand, forejtv, because Hebrew also uses work in the same way. English does not, though, as they others said.

    Cycloneviv's explanation is perfect.
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