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Hi everybody!
How can I translate "dipper basculante"? It is one of the accessories supplied with medical containers used to store and transfer liquid nitrogen. My attempt: "swinging dipper".
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    I think the right idea is "swivel" or "tipping": it's attached at two opposite sides by two pins, which allow it to be tipped with a single motion of the hand, but only forward-backward, so that once you've positioned it in from of the receptacle, it will not spill in any other direction, but will allow the liquid to flow only in the direction in which it can swivel, thus offering a more secure way of pouring a potentially dangerous liquid.

    Thus, my suggestion: basculante = swivel-, swiveling, tipping.[

    Thanks benzyene; I'm following the instructions in your "tag-line"! ;)
    QUOTE=Benzene;11433975]Ciao Claxy87!

    Il mio suggerimento è il seguente:

    "dipper basculante" = "balancing dipper".


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