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    In the text below, what does "dipping her toe" mean?

    Just weeks after splitting from rocker John Mayer, the former Friends star has been dipping her toe back in the dating pool after she was spotted cosying up to Scots actor Gerard Butler.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. la grive solitaire

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    It means that she's "testing the waters" of the dating pool again--slowly seeing what it's like again.
  3. bibliolept

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    To "dip your toe" in something is to take a first tentative step into it, to very gradually ease into it. In this case it would describe the first, modest efforts to begin dating.
  4. panjandrum

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    It comes from the very familiar practice (in these cold climates) of dipping your toe into the water to test the temperature before subjecting your entire body to the shock.

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