dippy poo poo and princess porridge


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Below is a conversation between a father and a daughter on the phone. What does dippy poo poo and princess porridge mean: urinating and defecating or could princess porridge have to do with eating?

"Now that it’s late enough in California, he calls the house, and talks through Teddy’s breakfast with her – ‘You did dippy poo poo but not princess porridge?’
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    The source is Robbie Williams' book Reveal which I'm translating into Slovene. The context is that he lives in London and his family in Los Angeles. He is calling his 4-year daughter and over her breakfast he is catching up on what's been going on.


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    Well, they're talking about the child's breakfast, so urinating/defecating seems pretty unlikely. And "poo" can be a diminutive as in drinkie-poo.
    I imagine that princess porridge is just that - porridge (maybe porridge fit for a princess?)
    And dippy poo poo is probably something into which the child dips a spoon: boiled egg? yoghurt?
    Children make up their own words for things:).
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    I think you probably have it Loob. :thumbsup: (I was getting sidetracked by the 'poo poo' part! :))

    boiled egg

    I seem to remember a soft boiled egg with bread/toast soldiers sometimes being called 'dippy eggs' as a child. It's easy to see how they might play with that to come up with their own invention of 'dippy poo poo'. :) (As you say it could be anything you dip into, but I think a boiled egg is very likely.)

    Dippy eggs with Marmite soldiers

    I imagine that princess porridge is just that - porridge (maybe porridge fit for a princess?)

    I think that's meant to be the idea. From what I can find out 'princess porridge' appears to be porridge with blueberries, and 'pink princess porridge' seems to be made with cranberries. It seems as though it is a luxury version or a 'posh porridge'. :D

    Here are some princess dippy poo poo eggs (using asparagus soldiers) :D
    Dippy Egg & Soldiers | Family Basics | Jamie Oliver
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    'Dippy poo poo' is probably the family name for soft-boiled eggs, which is why it isn't in any dictionary. Every family has language which no-one else understands (napkins/serviettes are known as 'harry wipers' in my family, an expression invented by my grandmama in the 1930s:)).