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    Hello everybody,

    I'm having troubles identifying diptotes in Arabic language. As far as I now, most diptotes are: female proper names, some male proper names and geographic proper names if do not have an article.

    Can somebody help me by giving me some list or some other indications to identify them?

  2. Tensor78 Senior Member

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    There are tons of diptotes in Arabic. Along with what you have listed, there are a load of broken plural forms that are diptotes and other nominals as well.

    Forget about trying to procure or build some kind of list or means of identification. When you learn a new noun in Arabic, in addition to its definition you must learn whether it is a diptote or triptote, what its plural is, and whether that plural is itself a diptote or triptote.

    Get a good Arabic-English dictionary, and everything should be fine.
  3. Abu Talha Senior Member

    I think there is value to identifying diptotes based on pattern. This has been discussed here: Triptotes vs. Diptotes (ممنوع من الصرف)‎. Wadi's list in post #4 is pretty good but I think there are a couple of errors.

    Arabic grammar works often compile an exhaustive set of rules for which nouns are diptotes. I haven't read through this page but perhaps it has all those rules: http://www.reefnet.gov.sy/education/kafaf/Bohoth/MamnoMenaSarf.htm
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    España, español y catalán, Árabe
    Tensor78 Thanks for the advice. That's what most people recommended me to do, but as I'm studying Arabic in a Spanish university, I gotta have them all well known.

    Abu Talha, the list on the thread was very useful. Thank you.

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