dipyramidole [dipyridamole] stress myocardial contrast echocardiogram

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    Hola foreros,

    Creo que dipyramidole stress myocardial contrast echocardiogram sería ecocardiografía miocárdica de contraste con dipiramidole; sin embargo, no estoy cien por cien seguro de la traducción de "dipyramidole".

  2. fsabroso

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    there is something wrong with your phrase.

    dipyridamole (right spelling) = dipiridamol (Spanish); it is used as pharmacologc stress agent, but it is not a contrast.

    Please, include some more context and background to clearly understand it, the complete paragraph where this appears will help.
    Is the text's author English-native speaker?

    The right phrase would be Dypiridamole stress echo (short for echocardiogram), in Spanish "Ecocardiografia de esfuerzo con dipiridamol"

  3. mewilson Senior Member

    Thanks, fsabroso. I was hoping you would see this post. Unfortunately, it is from a consent form that has very little context:"The general treatment or procedure to be undertaken: Please circle one: Exercise Stress Echocardiogram, Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram, Dipyridamole Stress Myocardial Contrast Echocardiogram"

    There are about 100,000 google hits for Dipyridamole Stress Myocardial Contrast Echocardiogram, so it's a little odd that I can't find the analogous term in Spanish. How about Ecocardiografía de esfuerzo con dipiridamol y contraste miocárdico?
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    fsabroso is correct that the dipyridamole is not a contrast agent. The phrase "myocardial contrast echocardiogram" is the name for a specific echocardiographic technique, and my impression is that it is possible to perform an echocardiographic stress test either with or without contrast. I did find one scholarly article that used the term "ecocardiografía de contraste miocárdico"; I believe that article was originally written in Spanish.
    However, I do not know how to combine the terms in a fashion that makes it clear that this is a dipyridamole stress echocardiogram that uses contrast.
  5. fsabroso

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    South Texas
    Perú / Castellano
    You are right Bill Osler; my mind is always more to radiation than ultrasound, that's why I thought "contrast" as "iodine contrast" or "isotopes" but in this case it refers to microbubbles.


    About your phrase "dipyramidole stress myocardial contrast echocardiogram" I would say in Spanish "Ecocardiografía de esfuerzo con dipiridamol y uso de contraste"

  6. mewilson Senior Member

    Sounds good to me. Thanks to both of you.


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