dirección general"

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  1. Sandra Senior Member

    Mexico - Spanish
    How can I translate "Dirección General"? as in
    -Dirección General de Asuntos Escolares
    -Dirección General de Bibliotecas,etc.???? :confused:

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    Es el título de una persona, no? En este caso, yo diría: 'Director General of...(the BBC for example)'

    He visto algunas veces 'General Director'. En mi opinion la primera me suena mas bien que la segunda.
  3. Sandra Senior Member

    Mexico - Spanish
    En este caso "no" es una persona. Digamos que:

    Pedro es el "Director General" de la "Dirección General de Asuntos Escolares"

    I guess something similar could be "Educational Affairs (General) Department"???

    What do you think???
  4. dave

    dave Senior Member

    UK - English
    How about:

    Department for Educational Affairs
    Libraries' Department

    Also possible is directorate:

    Educational Affairs' Directorate
    Libraries' Directorate

    All organisations seem to have their own nomenclature, which of course doesn't really help you!

    We would probably omit the word General. Waddya reckon?
  5. Sandra Senior Member

    Mexico - Spanish
    Jijiji :D first time I see (hear) "Waddya". It looks funny and I can imagine the pronunciation, it really makes me smile!

    I think thats my only option so far: Directorate and without the General.
    Sounds good and definitely better than "General Direction" :eek:
  6. Vicki Senior Member

    United States/English

    "Head Office"

    Your examples suggest an educational institution or something similar. "Administration" could work well in that context.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Sandra Senior Member

    Mexico - Spanish
    Thank you Vicky!!! This gets better every minute, I think I will keep using the "Replace all" facility all day long.
  8. Focalist Senior Member

    European Union, English
    This is a difficult one, as the Spanish language is very fond of Direcciones Generales...

    Bear in mind that very often "Agency" (a word of which English speakers are equally fond) is an appropriate translation when referring to matters govermental and quasi-governmental; "Authority" is another option, and so is "Directorate":

    (in ascending order of authoritarianism) ;)

    Dirección General de Carreteras : Highways Agency
    Dirección General de Aviación Civil : Civil Aviation Authority
    Dirección General de Salud Ambiental : Environmental Health Directorate

  9. Maeron Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Canada, English
    For your context, I like Vicky's suggestions best. In general, another option in addition to the ones already suggested is "Bureau." This works for some government offices.
  10. kathilu Senior Member

    Peru Español
    Basándome en sus ejemplos podría inferir que
    Dirección General de Divulgación de la ciencia (por ejemplo) sería:

    Science Disclosure Head Office?

    Agradecería me ayuden a entender si en eset caso Head Office vendrìa a ser la traducción para este contexto
  11. máxima_estrella

    máxima_estrella Senior Member

    US English
    Anyone have some good options for Dirección General in a corporate setting, since it refers to the whole "administration" (although that sounds more public) and not just one post, as in the General Director mentioned above?

  12. arianelle Member

    Corporate Management , General Management or even Head Office are good choices to use in a corporate environment.
  13. máxima_estrella

    máxima_estrella Senior Member

    US English
    Great, thank you! I especially like Corporate Management and General Management.

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