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    How does one say "direct deposit" in Russian? By this, I mean when employers have pay electronically transferred into employees' bank accounts, rather than issuing paper paychecks which the employees must take to the bank themselves. I can't find a translation on Word Reference. Google Translation gives прямой депозит, but I have a feeling that's just a literal translation. Thank you in advance!
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    Прямое электронное пополнение счета (I suppose, but I can´t guarantee the authenticity)

    Unfortunately I couldn´t find any official translation. In Russian people use the expression "direct deposit" as well.
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  3. igusarov

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    Moscow, Russia
    Formal expressions are:
    "Безналичная выплата зарплаты" ~= "Cashless salary payment".
    "Перечисление зарплаты на банковский счёт" ~= "Salary transfer to the bank account"

    Colloquial expressions would be "перечисление на карту", "зачисление на карточку", "выплата на карту", "зарплата на карту" and so on.

    Beware of a false friend: "депозит" in Russian often means "deposit account" rather than "a sum of money".
  4. Hi Vivemafille,

    Direct deposit is прямой перевод or прямой банковский перевод (the latter is to be used when there is not much context around, for перевод is a very polysemic noun).
    This is a common term applying to any direct deposit/wire transfer. In case it's a payment method used by employer to pay a contractor, igusarov's versions are valid.
    The option Hot suggests(пополнение счета) is applied to deposits for various purposes and it won't do to describe the employer-contractor payment methods.

    A curious thing is that we do use the word депозит to denote a deposited sum of money, though it is very colloquial and mostly used in gambling or Forex.


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