Directamente en la solicitud se puede asignar la fuente de aprovisionamiento (posició

Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by Maggie06, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Maggie06 Senior Member

    Do you know how to translate fuente de aprovisionamiento into English in the context I indicate you above?

    Thank you!
  2. Honeypum

    Honeypum Senior Member

    Madrid / Spain
    Tal vez "purchasing source".
  3. Maggie06 Senior Member

    Gracias! :)
  4. Sicofonte Member

    Spain, spanish
    And maybe "supplying source", it has more occurrencies in goolgle at least. Anyhow, I'm sure there should be a more specific english term for that.
  5. Homero Senior Member

    Mt Juliet, TN
    I believe you are more likely to find the term "supply source."

    Many nouns become adjectives simply by virtue of their placement before another noun, e.g., "water supply," "fire hose," etc. Many verbs can be converted into nouns by the addition of the suffix -ing: swimming (¡ojo!: the sport of swimming is translated as (la) natación, but the word "swim" can be used as a countable noun: "to go for a swim"), dancing (although a man can ask a woman for a dance), flying, running, etc. "Supply" is both a noun and a verb; consequently, its nominalization does not require the -ing suffix.

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