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    Hi, I am working on a file for New Look’s Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection, what do they mean by directional in this context?
    N.B: Mash Kulture is the name of the collection.

    ‘Mash Kulture’
    is all about re-working classic pieces to create something new, fresh and directional.

    Thank you
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    "Directional" has little if any meaning to me in this sentence, translation lover. We both know by now that the language about fashion you translate is odd stuff. Maybe it means "Mash Kulture" reworks classic pieces so that they move in the direction of something new. If I were translating the piece, I'd be tempted to leave "directional" unmentioned.
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    English - England
    directional = providing guidance or leadership; indicating direction.

    Mash Kulture is seen as a collection that will lead towards a new fresh (and as yet undisclosed) style.

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