directions for grinding on articulating paper

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I'm a medical interpreter and do a lot of dental appointments. After a filling, the dentist inserts a sheet of articulating paper into the patient's mouth to test the bite. The patient needs to grind, bite, tap his/her teeth etc. from side to side and forwards and backwards. Typical instructions from the dentist are as follows:

"Tap tap tap tap tap, side to side, forward and back"

"Grind your teeth side to side, now forward and back"

"Bite up and down, up and down, up and down, now grind side to side"

What would a dentist in your Spanish-speaking country say to a patient to have him/her repeatedly and rapidly bite on a sheet of articulating paper, including a side to side grinding of the teeth? Of course in interpretation settings, these physical instructions need to be not just clear and precise, but also succinct. Currently I've been using some variation of muerda, muerda, ahora rechine de lado a lado, but I'm convinced that there's a more efficient way to express this. Any ideas?
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    What my dentist asks me to do is something like:

    "Muerda el papel con fuerza. Ahora mueva los dientes de lado a lado. Restriegue bien los dientes (para que el papel se quede marcado)"
    (morder, mover, restregar)

    I don’t think they use the word rechinar in this context.
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