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    I am new to the Finnish language and this forum but I was wondering if someone would be able to provide some "direction phrases" if possible. I've given some suggestions below but feel free to add/suggest anything else!

    -How far is the ______ from here?

    -Do I take the highway/train…?

    -At the corner turn right/left.

    -Turn left here, then eventually you'll see ____ rd. Make a right…

    -Cross the street

    -The _____ is across the street.

    -It's a 15 minute walk/drive…

    Thank you!
  2. Hakro

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    Hi Melikhovo! Welcome to the Finnish forum!

    According to the WR rules you should try yourself first. Then we'll try to help you.
  3. Melikhovo Senior Member

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    Ok, I'm sure these are too literal, and there are probably more common colloquial variations but, here are my attempts:

    -Voin mennä maantiellä? Junassa?

    -Kulmassa käänny oikealle / vasemmalle.

    -Käänny vasemmalle täällä, niin näet ____ rd. Tee oikea ...

    -Ylitä katu

    -_____ On kadun toisella puolella.

    -Se on 15 minuutin kävelymatkan / ajaa ...
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  4. Gavril Senior Member

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    I'm not a native speaker, but here are my suggestions on the sentences:

    sinne = "there" when you are talking about going "there" rather than being there or leaving there
    -ko = required after the verb when you're asking a yes/no question
    -lla = by means of (in this context)

    For this meaning, it might be more common to say,

    Kulkeeko juna sinne "Does the train go there"?

    or, Kulkeeko valtatie sen läpi? "Does the highway go through there?"

    Note the different word-order (käänny at the beginning).

    kävele kunnes näet (X) = "walk until you see (X)"

    Correct. Another way of saying "cross the street" is
    Mene kadun yli

    Correct. You can also say (X) on toisella puolen katua.

    sinne ... täältä = "to that place ... from here"
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  5. Tuuliska New Member

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    One correction:
    Voinko mennä sinne maantiellä/junalla?
    --> maantie (pitkin)
    Similarly: jokea (pitkin) = "by river"
    BUT: autolla (by car)

    Other than that Gavril's sentences are all correct and excellent Finnish. A few addition, though:

    Kulmassa käänny oikealle / vasemmalle.
    Käänny kulmasta oikealle / vasemmalle.

    Gavril's sentence is definitely better but technically Melikhovo's sentence is also correct. It's a bit unusual but Finnish is flexible with the word order and it's not unheard of to say kääntyä kulmassa.

    Kävele kunnes näet (X)
    Note that (X) must be in the accusative form. For example:
    Kävele kunnes näet aseman.

    Sinne on täältä 15 minuutin kävelymatka / ajomatka.
    This is good but you can also say:
    Täältä on sinne 15 minuutin kävelymatka / ajomatka.
    Or just:
    Sinne on 15 minuutin kävelymatka / ajomatka.
    Or even:
    Se on 15 minuutin kävelymatka / ajomatka.
    If you want to keep it short and simple.

    Note that in that sentence the number must be in the genitive form when said out loud. In this case "viidentoista minuutin" not "viisitoista minuutin". If it's 15 minutes specifically, you can also use the word "vartti" (genitive "vartin"):
    Sinne on täältä vartin kävelymatka / ajomatka.
    vartti = "quarter hour"

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